Aubergine Curry & Herby Quinoa

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Diced aubergines fried in Trini-style curry powder, finished with onions and tomatoes, paired with a garlicked split-peas finished with coriander and quinoa.

This vegan dish is a great option for lunch or dinner. This meal is inspired by cooking methods and ingredients brought to the West Indies by East Indian migrants and adopted by the mainstream culture over time. This influence can be tasted in the use of Trinidadian curry powder and Caribbean cooking techniques that contributed to the way food is prepared in Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica since the 1800’s.


Aubergine, yellow split peas, vegetable stock celery, curry powder, ginger, red onion, garlic, salt, pepper, coconut oil, quinoa, green seasoning, rapeseed oil, plant-based butter.

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